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“A beautiful appearance and great usability are important characteristics of objects in everyday use. Aesthetic design radiates quality of life, appealing to our senses and acting as a source of pleasure day after day.”


Stig Leander

“The birth of a child creates probably one of the strongest emotions one can perceive in life. For me it was the moment I truly realised that we are not going to be here forever. That we are not the last of the human being gives us a sense of responsibility about what we do today and its consequences for the world our children will inherit.”


Frederic Gooris

“Perfection is not when there is nothing more to add but when there is nothing left to take away” 

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Starting solids. What do I need?

It is another milestone when you are moving onto feeding your baby solids. Hopefully it will be a positive change but be prepared for a messy time and that quite a bit more organisation is required. There are many, many brands of pre-made baby food but I think you will benefit from making your own. It is not hard albeit a little time consuming but you will know exactly what is in it. I would argue that it is also cheaper (unless you whop to make the purees but then don’t and the produce goes to waste). When to start is individual and the theory seems to change regularly. My feeling is at least 4 months but if you can stretch it to 6, you keep your life simpler for longer. Bland food is the secret. You cook pumpkin till it’s super soft, then you mash it. Ready. No spices, No onion. Nothing. Now in terms of mashing, it is tempting to use a blender, however it makes it superfine. This is OK for the very beginning but after that some texture is preferable. After all we are talking solids. So really all you need is a pot with its lid, and a fork for mashing. Cook for the week and freeze. Prepare larger portion and freeze in servings. Use an ice-cube tray and once frozen, put into labelled, dated and sealed bags. As you baby gets more adventurous, you can mix a cube of pumpkin with one of broccoli and eventually you can add a meat cube. So add some ice cube trays to your shopping list and some... read more

Travelling with children

Holidays are good for the soul and restores our energy levels for the busy lives we live. However, holidaying with children is not always as relaxing as we would like and a fair amount of planning is required. Whether you are staying in Australia or heading overseas, and whether you are having a relaxing holiday or an adventure you will need to adapt things a bit. Gone are hours by the pool with uninterupted reading time, nor will intrepid travel be quite as free flowing as it used to be. But you will make long lasting memories and strengthen the family bonds and as long as you make it as easy as possible for yourself and the child(ren), then fun will be had by all. Destination and accommodation. Australia is full of family friendly destinations. A pool or the beach is always a hit with children and staying coastal keeps the temperature down. Overseas travel is easy these days, however some exotic destinations where access to good health care and clean water are limited may be best left till a bit later. Children are not as robust as we are and fevers come and go as do tummy upsets. In terms of where to stay, apartments are generally a better option than hotel rooms with more space plus a kitchen and laundry. Most places can arrange a port-a-cot for you and a high chair if required. Resort style accommodation has the benefit of large, secure grounds and a kids club can give you some child-free time, so have a look at both options, Perhaps your budget will decide for... read more

Which pram is right for us?

We are regularly exhibiting at baby expos with our Bumbleride strollers and it is obvious that new parents-to-be often find it really hard to know what to look for in a pram. To the untrained eyes the many models look more or less the same and in many regards, they are! They all have seats, brakes, hoods etc. BUT they do not have the same wheels! And when you are outside on a track through the park, it is all about the wheels. Some prams have 3 wheels, some have 4. Some have double wheels. Some have air tyres, some have hard foam tyres. How are you meant to know the difference? Well, here is a simple guide: The harder and smaller the wheels are, the harder the pram is to push. On the other hand, air tyres can go anywhere but can puncture if you are unlucky. Keep this guide in mind while investigating your choices and note that all prams are easy to push on the smooth shop floor with no weight in them! It is also important to think about your lifestyle and what you would like to do as a parent and match the features of the pram to that. If you want to be outdoors on trails and on the beach, you will regret if your pram has wheels suitable only for an urban terrain with smooth footpaths and roads. However, the other way around is fine: large air-filled tyres are as good in the city as in the bush. Another thing to look for in a pram is the size of the seat and foot... read more