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“A beautiful appearance and great usability are important characteristics of objects in everyday use. Aesthetic design radiates quality of life, appealing to our senses and acting as a source of pleasure day after day.”


Stig Leander

“The birth of a child creates probably one of the strongest emotions one can perceive in life. For me it was the moment I truly realised that we are not going to be here forever. That we are not the last of the human being gives us a sense of responsibility about what we do today and its consequences for the world our children will inherit.”


Frederic Gooris

“Perfection is not when there is nothing more to add but when there is nothing left to take away” 

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Bednest voluntary modification, not recall

There have been a series of reports written on various media sites after a recent interview with the family who lost their child in 2015 in the UK, whilst sleeping in a bednest. This coincides with the upcoming inquest on the 14th Dec. We would like to explain the situation and urges everyone to understand that the coroner has at no time labelled the bednest dangerous nor asked that it be recalled. The following comment has been provided by the manufacturer, Bednest UK. “The bednest has not been banned or recalled in Australia. Faced with some concern raised by some experts in the U.K., we developed a modification kit in November 2015 to delete the half-fold feature. This was also offered to customers in Australia. All cribs shipped to Australia after November 2015 have been modified at the point of manufacture. They no longer have a half-fold feature. Our distributor Danish by Design in Australia has kept the authorities informed. The term ‘recall’ is also used for product modifications that don’t require the product to be returned. “ References to a recall of the product in Canada are false. The bednest has never been for sale in Canada because the bedside bassinet as a category is not allowed there. A small number of people had imported the unit into Canada themselves and were contacted and offered kits by Bednest UK to modify the half drop side. The bednest voluntary product modification had to be done through the ‘recall’ mechanism in Australia as there is no other option offered by the government department that manages such things. Danish by Design has made every... read more

Warehouse Sale

IT’S ON AGAIN!   30-70% OFF. Sunday 4th December 2016 9am – 1pm 49-51 Mills Road, Braeside VIC 3195 We will have a number of seconds and ex-display cots, dressers and other nursery furniture for sale by Troll and Leander. All assembled and all must be inspected for any flaws. No returns. Last year’s model strollers by Bumbleride will also be for sale at heavily discounted prices. Limited stock. We will also have toy boxes, dolls prams, bath toys, linen. Something for everybody and we hope to see you here. Credit card facilities available but for a quicker check-out please bring... read more

Daytime dreams

Your first few weeks with baby at home is a blur of feeding, burping, changing, bathing and some sleeping. It is exciting but exhausting because you also have to do other things like have a shower, do the laundry and get dinner ready. However, it mostly works out, maybe not in the planned order, actually definitely not in the planned order and slowly some kind of pattern emerges. And it is during this period that you really get to know which products you need and what is really useful and what is not. The only issue is that as a mother-to-be we would like to have bought all of that in advance so we are ready! so I’d like to share my experiences to help you sort through the masses of products that are available – lots more than when I had my children – some of them better but some of them definitely not. First thought is where is baby going to sleep in the daytime? My obvious answer is “in their bed.” I think that a calm quiet space is best and with a monitor you will easily hear when he/she wakes. Maybe it also is better for you not to be checking on him/her all the time and you can think about something else for a while. I know that I turned on the vacuum cleaner more freely knowing that my baby was asleep in the nursery, not around the corner. If, however you prefer to have baby closer by, a bassinet would be the traditional choice. You may already be using one for overnight sleeps.... read more