BabyDan Safety Gates & Home Safety Products

BabyDan is industry leader in the world of baby gates and child home safety. They have produced high quality products in their own factory in Denmark since 1967 and continue to innovate and perfect their range. All materials are certified and comply with strict European standards as do their designs.

We are very pleased to be bringing a selection of the BabyDan range to Australia to help you safeguard your home against unnecessary accidents and trust you will find what you need in the range.

Below we will list each of the 4 gates that we carry, their features and applications as well as describe the Flex system for fireplaces and play pens and finally the smaller items to secure your cupboards and drawers etc.

Safety Gates

There are four different gates in the range:

The Premier Gate is a pressure gate and does not require any drilling or tools (unless you add extensions) for installation.

The MultiDan gate can be easily adjusted for width (without buying extension pieces) and is able to be temporarily removed (for a party) without the use of tools.

The Flexi Fit gate can be mounted inside or outside the door frame and even on the diagonal. It is easily adjusted to different widths and can also be temporarily removed when not needed.

The Guard Me barrier is a retractable safety barrier. It folds to one side once opened and is virtually hidden from view. Guard Me is the world’s first retractable safety barrier and is a very practical and aesthetic solution.

Technical Specifications

pressure baby gate by BabyDan

BabyDan Premier pressure child gate

Flexible baby gate from BabyDan

BabyDan Flexi Fit child gate

MultiDan baby gate in white kitchen

BabyDan MultiDan baby gate

Retractable baby gate fitted to stair well

The BabyDan retractable baby gate Guard Me

BabyDan Premier Gate

This true pressure-fit baby gate requires no drilling or use of wall cups, unless the correct pressure cannot be obtained or if more than 2 extensions have been used.  It has a built-in safety indicator to ensure correct installation.

The gate can be fitted with up to 6 extensions (6 extra bars) distributed evenly and suits openings 73.5 – 119.3 cm.  Extensions are bought separately.

The gate door opens in both directions and has a trip bar at floor level (which makes it unsuitable for installation on stairs).

Available in white or black.

Click here to watch video on the Premier Gate

MultiDan Baby Gate

This wall mounted gate is easily adjusted to fit a wide range of openings without buying extensions. Once mounted, a click release system lets you remove the whole gate for easy access in an instant.

The gate opens in both directions and suits openings 62.5-106.8cm. This gate it is ideal for stairs as it has no bar across the bottom which can be a trip hazard.

Available in white only

Click here to watch the MultiDan baby gate video

Flexi Fit baby gate

This wall mounted gate is unique and ultra flexible as it can be installed either inside or outside the opening and also diagonally. The gate opens in both directions and can be easily removed when not needed i.e for a party or between babies.

It has no cross bar at the bottom and is ideal for stairs.

When mounted inside the opening, the gate suits openings 67-105.5 cm. When fitted on the outside, 5cm less.

Available in white only

Click here to watch the Flexi Fit baby gate video

Guard Me baby barrier

This world-first retractable safety barrier folds away automatically and it is almost invisible when not in use. When you open the Guard Me barrier, it will auto-fold to the side and leave the door way free.

The barrier can be mounted both inside or outside the door frame and is also ideal for narrow stairways and doors where a more traditional gate cannot swing open.

Guard Me can be extended with an extra panel, 24 cm wide – bought separately – and suits openings 55 – 113.5 cm

Made from plastic (ABS, TPU, PA) and contains no PVC.

Click here to watch the Guard Me barrier video

Flex/Configure System

No product fits all but the BabyDan Flex System comes close.

It is ideal for safe guarding fireplaces as well as irregular stair cases and door ways. The system consists of various components which you can put together to suit your purpose. You can combine the components whichever way you like and can even have two gates.

The BabyDan Flex System PlayPen is first a playpen with a soft mat for the baby, then it becomes a safety barrier for the toddler.

Technical Specifications

Read more about BabyDan’s Flex System in the following pages.

The Flex System

This wall mounted system consists of sections that can be combined and configured freely to guard a fireplace, a stair case or act as a room divider. You can even have two gates.

The mounting brackets are fully flexible and you can secure the system on straight or angled walls. A quick release system lets you remove it in a few seconds.

The Flex System is available in two set sizes: Flex L & Flex XL and in two colours, black or white.

Each component is also available individually for extension so you can create exactly what you need.

Click here to watch the BabyDan Flex L video       Click here to watch the BabyDan Flex XL video

Flex System Play Pen

A playpen is great to have to keep your baby safe from pets or other toddlers. It also gives you some freedom to leave him/her out of sight for a short period of time.

The Flex Playpen comes complete with a floor mat and the gate makes it easy to get in and out without bending over the side.

After end use it can be converted to a gate system simply by adding a set of wall brackets. You can also add extension sections. This is great versatility and value for money.

White only. 105W x 72D x 70.5H cm

Home Safety Products

There are many other areas other than stairs and fireplaces that need modifications when you have a mobile baby or toddler in the house. The kitchen, laundry and bathrooms are full of drawers and cupboards with things we don’t want him/her to get hold of and even doors pose a finger-jamming danger.

Below we show you the various home safety products in our range and trust you will find everything you need.


Cupboard/Drawer lock

Baby safe drawer lock with on/off option

Drawer & cupboard lock with on/off option

  • Patented on/off design
  • Template and screws included
  • One-hand adult release

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Adhesive Drawer lock

  • No drilling required
  • One hand adult-release
  • Top of the range

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Magnetic Drawer Lock

Baby safety drawer lock with magnetic key

Magnetic drawer safety lock

  • No drilling required
  • Opens with magnetic key
  • Great for both cupboards and drawers

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Multi Lock

Multi lock by BabyDan for cupboards and white goods

Multi Lock home safety tool

  • Secured with adhesive
  • Flexible strap allows for many uses
  • Ideal for corners & curved surfaces

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Double Cabinet Lock

Baby proof your cupboard with the double cabinet lock from BabyDan

Double cabinet lock

  • For side-by-side handles
  • Easy to use
  • Closes tightly

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Corner Bumper

Baby safety table corner protectors

Corner protectors

  • Use on tables and other sharp corners
  • Use on upper or under side
  • Adhesive


Finger Safe

Door safety device to prevent finger jams

Finger safe door stopper

  • Soft rubber device
  • Easy to install/remove
  • Prevents the door from shutting close

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2-Way Door Stopper

Baby safety door stopper by Babydan

Two-Way Door Stopper

  • Simple press release
  • Rubber feet
  • Easy and practical

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Furniture Straps

anti-tip safety straps for furniture

Furniture safety straps

  • Secures heavy furniture to the wall
  • Non-visible
  • Easy to remove for cleaning

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TV Straps

Anti-tip TV safety straps

TV safety straps

  • Secure to wall or TV unit
  • Adjustable
  • Removable