There have been a series of reports written on various media sites after a recent interview with the family who lost their child in 2015 in the UK, whilst sleeping in a Bednest. This coincides with the upcoming inquest on the 14th Dec.
We would like to explain the situation and urges everyone to understand that the coroner has at no time labelled the bednest dangerous nor asked that it be recalled.
The following comment has been provided by the manufacturer, Bednest UK.
“The bednest has not been banned or recalled in Australia. Faced with some concern raised by some experts in the U.K., we developed a modification kit in November 2015 to delete the half-fold feature. This was also offered to customers in Australia. All cribs shipped to Australia after November 2015 have been modified at the point of manufacture. They no longer have a half-fold feature. Our distributor Danish by Design in Australia has kept the authorities informed. The term ‘recall’ is also used for product modifications that don’t require the product to be returned. “
References to a recall of the product in Canada are false. The bednest has never been for sale in Canada because the bedside bassinet as a category is not allowed there. A small number of people had imported the unit into Canada themselves and were contacted and offered kits by Bednest UK to modify the half drop side.
The bednest voluntary product modification had to be done through the ‘recall’ mechanism in Australia as there is no other option offered by the government department that manages such things.
Danish by Design has made every effort to modify all bednests in Australia. All stock on hand was modified, all display models modified, and all customers whose details could be obtained from retailers were contacted and offered a kit. This was done in early 2016.
The bednest was developed by industry experts and endorsed by NCT in the UK, an organisation whose charter is to improve knowledge, outcomes and safety in the industry. The absence of an Australian standard for products is not unusual in the industry and acceptance of European & US Safety Standards is common. This is the case for the bednest and it fully adheres to both European & US standards.
At Danish by Design we are more than satisfied that Bednest UK has shown itself to be an extraordinarily dedicated company to product and infant safety, both before and since this incident, and we continue to sell the bednest with confidence in Australia.
Please refer to the following page on the Bednest UK site for safe sleeping information:
Please also refer to the information here regards the modification procedure: 
In Australia, customers should contact Danish by Design on 03 9588 0999 or email if they have any questions, require a modification kit or a user manual for an older unit.

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