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Baby Gates & Playpen Range

Guard Me

The Guard Me barrier is a retractable safety barrier that provides a view block and is perfect for small spaces.

The Guard Me folds to one side once opened and is virtually hidden from view. It then automatically retracts if not locked in place.

This gate is the world’s first retractable safety barrier and is a very practical and aesthetically pleasing solution.

BabyDan Guard Me Baby Gate

Premier Gate

The Premier Gate is a true pressure gate that does not require any drilling, wall cups or tools (unless you add extensions) for installation.

The pressure gate option is very popular if you want to avoid drilling into the walls or door frames (beware that other pressure gates require wall cups at all times which in turn are installed with screws).

Wall cups may only be required if the correct pressure cannot be obtained without them.


BabyDan Premier Pressure Fit Gate

Flexi Fit Gate

The Flexi Fit gate can be mounted inside or outside the door frame and even on the diagonal. It is easily adjusted to different widths and can also be temporarily removed when not needed.

This wall mounted gate is unique and ultra flexible as it can be installed either inside or outside the opening and also diagonally.

The gate opens in both directions and can be easily removed when not needed i.e for a party or between babies.

It has no cross bar at the bottom and is ideal for stairs.

Click here to watch the Flexi Fit baby gate video

BabyDan Flexi Fit Baby Gate

MultiDan Gate

The MultiDan gate can be easily adjusted for width (without buying extension pieces) and is able to be temporarily removed (for a party or in-between babies) without the use of tools.

It opens in both directions and can be mounted on either the inside or the outside of the door frame, however not on the diagonal. If you need this feature, please look at the Flexi Fit gate.

BabyDan MultiDan Baby Safety Gate

Flex Configure System

This modular baby safety system consists of various sections that can be combined and configured freely to guard a fireplace or hearth, a stair case or act as a room divider. You can even have two gates.

The mounting brackets are fully flexible and you can secure the system on straight or angled walls. A quick release system lets you remove it in a few seconds.

The Flex System is available in two set sizes: Flex L & Flex XL and in two colours, black or white. This is the extra large size.

Each component is also available individually for extension so you can create exactly what you need.

Click here to watch the BabyDan Flex XL video

Click here to watch the BabyDan Flex L video

BabyDan Flex System Baby Gate

Flex System Baby Playpen

A playpen is great to have to keep your baby safe from pets or other toddlers. It also gives you some freedom to leave him/her out of sight for a short period of time.

The Flex Baby Playpen comes complete with a floor mat and the gate makes it easy to get in and out without bending over the side.

After end use it can be converted to a gate system simply by adding a set of wall brackets. You can also add extension sections. This is great versatility and value for money.

BabyDan Flex System Play Pen

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