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I chatted to my pregnant sister-in-law this weekend and found myself again pointing out that a capsule that fits onto your pram is not the ultimate transport solution necessarily. It seems to be so popular that no one questions its merits but like everything, it’s not perfect. Just because you can, doesn’t mean that you should.

I agree that the capsule is wonderfully convenient when you have older children as well and are popping into kinder or swimming lessons etc. In other words for short trips. It is important to distinguish between long and short trips because the time your baby spends lying curved in a capsule should be limited. This means that you shouldn’t leave your baby in the capsule just because she fell asleep. It also means that it is not a good idea to walk around the local shopping centre for a few hours with her in the capsule because she should be lying flat.

A pram cannot get newborn status unless the back rest can lie completely flat so how can it be OK to use a capsule for extended periods? When you drive for long periods you cant avoid it but you have to stop regularly and get your baby out of the seat for a stretch.

So before you invest in an expensive capsule ask yourself if your money is more wisely spent getting a car seat 0-4 years instead? You have to get a car seat at six months anyway. Another option is to rent one for three months and see how much you use it. After 3 months the capsule is quite heavy with baby in it and it may not be as easy to get in or out of the car and onto the pram
Would a carry cot for your pram where baby can lie flat with full sun protection for as long as you like be a better investment?

It is true that without the capsule,  you will at times wake a sleeping baby when transferring him to the pram. Maybe he will go straight back to sleep, maybe he won’t. Maybe you can time your outing so you leave earlier and can feed him at the destination before putting him straight into the pram for a long nap. There are many scenarios and many possible solutions. One of them will be right for you.

I admit that my comments above seem to say “don’t get a capsule”. That is not entirely true. I love the convenience of the capsule fitting onto the pram. It is just that I am not sure if the hassle of putting it on, outweighs the benefits when it is only for short trips. I can imagine more just carrying it than putting it on the pram and for how long, am I strong enough to do that?

Now you know the cons as well as the pros and whichever way you choose, rest assured that nothing will be perfect in every situation. Consider each option carefully before choosing and no doubt you will be happy with your decision.


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