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When parents-to-be have got their head around the cot, the pram, the car seat etc. and feel quite sorted, the question of whether they will need a cradle or bassinet creeps in. They ask friends and family. The replies vary and they are all correct. A cradle or bassinet is not necessary, baby can go straight into the cot saving the expense but there are a couple of factors to consider which may sway you the other way.

a) The cot is HUGE for a newborn and you may feel more comfortable with something smaller.
b) You may have your second child before the first has finished with the cot which means that you are likely to need a bassinet then. If that is the case, one can argue that you might as well get it from the start and use it for number one too. The bassinet is only in use for max. 6 months so it’s all about getting value for money. Having all your babies use the bassinet is better value than only some.IMG_4622
c) You may want to have your baby close by you during the night and space limitations in the bedroom means that there is only room for a bassinet, not the cot. This scenario then leads to the question whether the bassinet should be a co-sleeping bassinet that sits right up to the parents’ bed? Safe co-sleeping where the baby is close to the parents but not in their bed is regarded as good practice by experts. It does make good sense to have your baby right there in the night for feeding or reassurance but will it keep both of you awake?

So having a bassinet is probably an advantage and you will have to decide which style right is for you: a traditional bassinet, a suspended bassinet that moves with with baby or the co-sleeping bassinet? Whichever way you go, make sure that you get one that is easy to store between babies and that is easy to keep clean. Quite a few on the market now are fully collapsible and any fabrics can be machine washed. When you pull something out from storage to use for a newborn baby, you want to be able to get it as clean as the day you first got it.
If you do not want to buy, consider borrowing from friends or family or hire one. Just make sure that the borrowed unit is perfectly safe and sound. Whatever you decide, remember there is no right or wrong. Just what feels right for you. To view our bassinet options click here

4 baby bassinet options

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