Done by Deer – What’s new for 2016

Done by Deer – What’s new for 2016

We introduced Done by Deer in August last year and the range has been incredibly well received. And for good reason: the products are stylish, functional and good value.

2016 will be another exciting year with lots of new offerings and some of the new products will arrive as soon as the end of this month.

The new lines include more sets, colours and designs within the Eating category and the choice of plates, bibs, cups and cutlery is quite amazing. We have no doubt that you will be able to find just what you need.

You will also be introduced to Elphee, a new character and yes, she is an elephant. Very cute and she fits right in with the others. You will find Elphee across the entire product range but special mention goes to her as a cuddle toy – irresistible.

Another special mention goes to the new snoozy swaddles added to out LIVING category. Soft and comfy for baby and maybe lives on as your toddler’s “blankie”.

Last but not least we shall do our best to keep up with the demand for the Activity Gym – your eagerness has caught us a bit by surprise.

You can see the full range here and please click here to find a stockist.