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We are so excited to introduce Australia to a new world of Danish accessories that you will e excited to have strewn all over the house. Let your children leave a trail so you can enjoy these cute designs too. Done by Deer is all about creating harmony between adults spaces and children’s stuff and have done so in a uniquely Scandinavian manner: super functional products in simple yet strong designs in colours that are just right.

The designs are based on 6 animal characters from the African savannah, with cute names and individual personalities who will all become part of your family.

There is Nozo, Zebee, Raffi, Croco, Ante & Ozzo and you will find them on the cups, plates and bibs, as rattles, soft toys and floor cushions and on the storage boxes, book shelves and back packs.
The range is vast and there is something for everybody. You will want it all. Have a read here for full details of the Done by Deer range.

We will be launching the range at Kids in Style (Life in Style) end of July and shortly after that  we can publish our stockists. Very exciting.

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