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When you start looking into prams for your first baby, it is very attractive to consider a  pram that has the option to fit a sibling seat for later on. Of course. Most of us hope to have more than one child, however there are a few things to keep in mind before you buy:

  1. The frame of a pram that holds two has to be stronger, hence it is likely to weigh more which means you have to lift a heavier pram while you only use it for one child.
  2. Make sure you check the weight restrictions. Both the total and that of each passenger (the distribution of weight). In some cases the max weight of each child is 15kg which is approx 2 years old. That means potentially that your 2 1/2 year old can’t sit in the pram with his/her younger brother or sister! You would expect to use a pram until your child is at least 3 years old.
  3. Have a good look at the size of the seats. Is there room for growing legs and enough head room under the canopy to be comfortable?
  4. Also check the position of the sibling seat. Will you still have (easy) access to the cargo basket? One tends to need to bring more for two and need stuff out more often.
  5. If possible check out the pram with the sibling seat attached and loaded with weight equivalent to two children so you can feel how it handles. All prams move beautifully with nothing in them on the smooth flat floor of the store. Compare it to a side-by-side double, also loaded up. It would be fair to expect the side-by-side to be easier to handle simply because the weight is distributed across on a wider frame as opposed to on a narrow frame but you might be OK with that.

If the in-line pram ticks all these boxes, you should be pretty safe to go ahead. As with everything we buy, we only really know if we love it till we start using it but your decision was based on assessment, not a special offer, and hence hind-sight regrets do not apply.

When Bumbleride developed their double stroller the Indie Twin, they decided on the side-by-side format. This decision was based on their philosophy of outdoor adventures so it was important to make the pram as easy to manoeuvre as possible. This format also ensures that both passengers can see and observe the surroundings and easy access to the cargo basket is maintained. The design also allows the Bumbleride Indie Twin to have a one-motion fold – you just activate the release levers, push the handle over the top towards the front wheels and it’s done. Same for unfolding: you simply release the lock clip on the side of the frame with your thumb, then pull the handle towards you and flick it open to lock and it’s ready to go.

Everybody’s needs and preferences are different and pram designers prioritise different features so there are lots of options on the market. It is easy to get confused, particularly because you haven’t bought one before but the main thing is to not get your heart set on one in particular – maybe you love the look or maybe because the price is appealing. Instead investigate objectively each potential model’s features and how well it matches your lifestyle. A good looking city pram will disappoint you if you love trail walks and a cheap pram can be an expensive investment if it does not meet your requirements and you have to replace it.

Happy Shopping!

Find out more about the Bumbleride Indie Twin.

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