How do the Sensory Teething Toys help infant brain development? - Danish by Design
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“Visual Stimulation: Between 3-6 months, newborns have very sensitive vision. The overall form of the animal characters have been intentionally simplified to create strong silhouette shapes, tailored for infants vision, reducing visual strain. The pastel colour pallet of the products were selected to further aid the calming educational benefit, with a key aim to not overstimulate or aggravate the infant with brightly coloured or strongly contrasting tones.

Motor Skills: Between 2-4 months, babies develop eye & hand coordination. The toys facilitate the development of fine motor skills and are carefully designed to be easy to grasp.

Cognition: Cognitive development is supported through tactile sensory stimulation – specific sensory texture patterns on each design offers new stimulation to assist this process. The 100% non-toxic, food grade silicone product range is created with a “”soft feel”” finish simulating the texture of skin, creating a calming and tactile experience for infants.

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