Stig Leander.

Born in Denmark Stig Leander completed an apprenticeship as a blacksmith when he was young but after that worked across a number of fields.  in 1998 he founded Leander and is responsible for the majority of the company’s designs. He is very skilled at using his hands and has an incredible eye for design and function.

With a passion for craftsmanship and a curious mind, he explores the materials that he works with and sees opportunities rather than limitations.

Stig doesn’t sketch his ideas. He dreams. He uses neither a computer nor a pad. But as an artist, he shapes his furniture using his hands and eyes. He challenges the materials’ properties and possibilities using cardboard, glue and wood. To the smallest detail. Until it feels right.

Bombol logo II

Frédéric Gooris,

Belgian industrial designer, born at Leuven in 1974, graduated from the Hogeschool Antwerpen in 1998.

In 1999 he moves to Milan, where he obtains his Master in Design at Domus Academy. After gaining experience working for Philippe Starck and Stefano Giovannoni for 5 years, he founds Studio Gooris in Milan doing product and concept design for companies all over the globe, including Alessi, Ferrero, Target, Levis, JCPenny, Foreverlamp, Oras, EQ3, among others.

In 2009 he cofounded Bombol, a company for designer baby furniture.

In 2010 he moved to Hong Kong to open the second office of Studio Gooris where he is working today. www.studiogooris.com

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Kåre Tofte, designer and inventor of Moover Toys.

Born in 1971 – graduated in 1997 from the Royal Danish Academy of Arts.

Since 2002 Kåre has had his own design studio in Copenhagen, specializing in product design for domestic and foreign clients.

The studio is proud to keep a well-equipped model workshop, and Kåre makes all the Moover prototypes by hand in this workshop.

Kåre designed and hand-made the first baby walker as a baptism present to the son of one of his friends, in 1999.

Based on the Baby Walker, Kåre co-founded Moover Toys in 2004, with current owner Jeppe Krog.

From the beginning Kåre’s goal has been to create quality toys with a long-lasting play value combined with a design that parents love and want to keep in their living-room.

Besides designing the full range of Moover toys Kåre has given the company its name and graphic identity.

Kåre is appointed member of the Danish censorship corps and serves as censor for all major design educations in Denmark