Stig Leander.

Born in Denmark Stig Leander completed an apprenticeship as a blacksmith when he was young but after that worked across a number of fields.  in 1998 he founded Leander and is responsible for the majority of the company’s designs. He is very skilled at using his hands and has an incredible eye for design and function.

With a passion for craftsmanship and a curious mind, he explores the materials that he works with and sees opportunities rather than limitations.

Stig doesn’t sketch his ideas. He dreams. He uses neither a computer nor a pad. But as an artist, he shapes his furniture using his hands and eyes. He challenges the materials’ properties and possibilities using cardboard, glue and wood. To the smallest detail. Until it feels right.

Marketing Moover Logo A4

Kåre Tofte.

Born in 1971 – graduated in 1997 from the Royal Danish Academy of Arts.

Since 2002 Kåre has had his own design studio in Copenhagen, specializing in product design for domestic and foreign clients.

The studio is proud to keep a well-equipped model workshop, and Kåre makes all the Moover prototypes by hand in this workshop.

Kåre designed and hand-made the first baby walker as a baptism present to the son of one of his friends, in 1999.

Based on the Baby Walker, Kåre co-founded Moover Toys in 2004, with current owner Jeppe Krog.

From the beginning Kåre’s goal has been to create quality toys with a long-lasting play value combined with a design that parents love and want to keep in their living-room.

Besides designing the full range of Moover toys Kåre has given the company its name and graphic identity.

Kåre is appointed member of the Danish censorship corps and serves as censor for all major design educations in Denmark


Michael Downes.

Born in London, Michael spent his early years as a bicycle messenger, bicycle mechanic and traveling (by bicycle) around Europe & North Africa.  Always curious about design and mechanics, after getting married and settling in California, Michael attended the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

Graduating from Art Center in 2001 he immediately followed his passion and went to work for Giant Bicycles and then later to do freelance work for Raleigh/Diamondback, Ibis, and many others. 

In 2013 Michael met Matthew Reichardt, founder of Bumbleride.  Matthew, who has always had a hands-on approach to Bumbleride’s designs, had been looking for a designer that wasn’t just good at making beautiful renderings but also wasn’t afraid to get their hands dirty building functional prototypes.  Michael, anxious to expand into a new category and at the same time to leverage experience acquired in the cycling industry found the perfect fit.

Since 2013 Michael has been the head designer and works closely with Matthew to create the next generation of active all-terrain strollers and accessories with a big emphasis on performance, simplicity and the use of eco materials.



Helene Hjorth

Done by Deer designer Helene Hjorth is born in Denmark in 1967.

For 10 years Helene worked specifically with design and product development of safety products for children and she obtained great insight into how children act in everyday life.

In 2014 Helene took part in bringing Done by Deer to life – a new brand designing modern lifestyle products for families with babies and toddlers. In 2017 no less than three product-lines received the prestigious Red Dot Award: product design 2017.

Helene and her design team constantly challenges themselves and their designs in order to innovate and make each product stand out. She has a special ability to spot modern design trends and convert them into items that spark the imagination of kids while also being modern design pieces for the home.



Mikael Orvelind

Born in Stockholm and the eldest of 3 brothers meant that Mikael learnt to fight his way forward from a young age. He started off as a young entrepreneur within the fashion industry where he lay the groundwork not only for business but also his sense of design, style and colours.

Travel and adventure are Mikael’s passion and a source of inspiration. Often an idea will be roughly sketched on a simple piece of paper while away from the office.

Functionality and safety go hand in hand and can never be compromised. Mikael and his team work closely with several leading test laboratories to ensure that his vision is converted into safe products that you will enjoy to use.

Meelight wearable night light

Julia Kelly & Stephen Gould.

Meelight is a collaboration of the experiences, skills and minds of sister and brother siblings, Julia Kelly and Steve Gould. Julia lives in London – where they were both born, and Stephen in Chicago, USA for over 20 years.

Obsessed with drawing and making, it was clear from a young age that Julia would follow an artistic path in life. Studying for a BA (Hons) Textile Design in Manchester was the key to success as a designer for several UK and US brands, which both established and reinforced her passion for excellent design and quality.

In contrast, Stephen was fascinated with electronics from the year dot – taking electronics products apart to find out how they worked was a favourite childhood pastime, and a degree in Electronic Engineering naturally followed.

Together this brother and sister partnership have worked tirelessly, combining their diverse skill sets to start the brand Meemoobaby and develop their first product Meelight, with one common goal: a strong desire to make parents’ lives easier.x