LINEA COT by Leander


This beautiful cot is another example of the unique design and craftsmanship Leander is so renowned for.

The precise, angled lines project trendy urbanism while the finger joints tell a story of tradition and strong wood working skills. Together they offer a brand new look supported by great functionality and an innovative range of textiles.

The Linea Cot converts seamlessly from cot to toddler bed to sofa and follows your child’s development and needs – true to the Leander mantra:

“To design quality furniture for children, one has to see the world trough their eyes and understand their need for safety and opportunity to develop.” – Stig Leander, designer & founder

The cot’s footprint is 90H x 65W x 132L cm with a sleeping area of 120L x 60W cm and is available in natural or white. It is made from solid European plantation beech and all varnishes and glues are non-toxic.

The mattress is bought separately and is specific to Linea. It is breathable and made by Europe’s leading manufacturer of cot mattresses, Traumeland. More info below.

The Linea cot meets the stringent Australian safety standards and has a 3-year warranty on all wooden components.

Technical Specifications


COMFORT+7 MATTRESS comfortplus7_60x120-1

This super comfortable mattress has a pressure-relieving cold foam core with drilled vertical air channels for continuous air circulation. The surfaces are different: one side has small knobs and is ideal for a baby’s weight (the white side) and the other has a wave pattern (the purple side) ideal for a heavier toddler (12kg+).

The mattress has a zip-off cover with inbuilt mattress protector with excellent wetness protection and breathability properties. It contains Tencel® which is 130 times more absorbent than cotton and is quilted with 100% wash fleece (polyester fleece) and refined with lavender and melissa oil essences for their calming effect as well as their effectiveness against fungi and bacteria.

Technical Specifications.




Each sheet pack has 2 fitted sheets in 100% cotton made to fit the mattress size. Machine washable at 60°C and Eco-Tex 100 approved. Available in white, light grey, misty blue or soft pink.



The Linea by Leander® cot bumper is a half-size bumper and covers only one half of the cot. This maintains the air flow to your baby and helps the natural regulation of the temperature in the bed. If you wish to cover the entire cot, 2 cot bumpers can be used. The cot bumper can be placed in the cot where it is most needed as it fits all the cot positions: high, low and with one side off.

The bumper has a cotton cover with a polyester filling and is machine washable. It is available in dark grey, misty blue or soft pink and each has decorative stitching and polkadot ties.

sengerand-dark-grey babyseng-pos2-m-dark-grey-sengerand-cropped-flipped


This wooden canopy rod attaches to the cot either from the end or the side and lets you hang a canopy over it.




The canopy adds a soft and romantic element to the Linea cot draping either from the end of the cot or from the side. Made from 65/35% polyester/cotton and available in 3 colours: white, misty blue or soft pink.

babyseng-m-soft-pink-himmel  babyseng-m-soft-pink-himmel-1


You can reuse the mattress as the seat for the sofa. Just add a cover. Available in either dark grey, misty blue or soft pink. Machine washable.leander-linea-sofa-ticking-for-mattress-darkgrey-800x600



This set of 4 foam cushions adds padding to the cot sides and converts the cot into a sofa. Covers are bought separately.



100% cotton covers for the sofa cushions. Available in dark grey, misty blue or soft pink. Fully machine washable.



The Linea by Leander range also includes a change table with a height adjustable top and a dresser with 3 spacious drawers and contemporary felt handles.