Meet the new Leander Chair

Meet the new Leander Chair

The wonderful Leander (high) Chair just got better. With an improved safety bar and the option of a tray as well as new colour options for both the chair and the cushions it is like a brand new product!

The new safety bar┬áhas a different shape; it has skirts that prevent your child from twisting the legs in order to “escape”. The Leander Chair was always designed to be used without a harness, and this new design makes a harness even less applicable.

The tray is an nice option for those can’t or prefer not to seat the child at the family table. It simply clicks onto the (new) safety bar and after use can be washed in the dishwasher.

Last but not least we have proudly introduced the chair in a funky grey (like the cot) so there are now 6 colours to choose from. Likewise there are new cushion colours to match the current fashion trends including sunshine yellow, raspberry red and charcoal grey to just mention 3 of the 7 options.

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