Here is the full collection of toys for your little one from Done by Deer. Some are small some are big. Some are for the baby, some are for the toddler and some are first for the baby then for the toddler. They are all cute and meet all Australian and international standards. We think they also meet parents’ expectations of great design and they will actually look good in the lounge room.

Lots to choose from and lots of happy times ahead.


For Baby.

Done by Deer has an irresistible range for babies from rattles to wraps.

The swaddles are 100% cotton with character print and measure 120x120cm. The 4 rattles are either for squeezing or shaking and compliment each other well. The musical toys are divine and play a soft melody when you pull their tail while the Cozy Friends have lots of tags for exploring different textures. The feeding cushions live on as baby’s floor cushion and later as “best buddy”.

The range also includes a cute pram toy and a swirly spiral to take anywhere. The activity gym is free standing so just use any mat/blanket to put your baby on and then pop the gym behind the couch when not in use. Very handy.

gym and spiral combo


Other soft toys & stacking cubes.

All children need a cuddle friend, a best buddy to share life with. Done by Deer friends are varied in shape and size but they are all super cute and super friendly. Most are easy to bring along in the car – even the pull alongs as the toy can be separated from the trolley – but a couple are more for home.  Like the Big SackJack – he is a mega floor cushion filled with mini beads for extra softness. He stays home and guards the house when the family is out.




See also EATING for tableware or LIVING for interiors.

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