The Leander Chair is so much more than just a high chair. It is your child’s chair from baby to teenager, the seat that lets him/her participate at the table like the adults. Everything is much easier if you can reach. It is also more fun.

Imagine how your child will benefit from joining the adults! Not only do they learn to socialise but they can also use the table for a whole range of activities – like us. As parents, we can be there, too, comfortable on our chairs, joining in or doing another task.

The Leander Chair grows with your child  from baby to adult. You can move the seat and footrest as needed. The back rest can also be adjusted to maintain good support. Your baby will need a safety bar at the beginning and possibly also a cushion.


When you buy a  Leander Chair, you buy a chair for life. Your baby will start using it as soon as he/she can sit unassisted at approximately 6 months old and it will still be in use when he/she is fully grown up. This makes so much sense for you, for your child and for the environment.

Beautifully constructed from European beech wood, the Leander chair is very strong despite its slender look. It holds up to 125kg so as your child grows up and your Leander Chair is converted to an adult’s chair, anyone can use it. It becomes a handy spare chair for dinner parties or for a desk or piano. The chair is easily moved around as it weighs less than 6kg.


rear view 567SafetyBar_whitewash cropped 567Chair logo plate close up Chair fitting close up - Copy

In terms of other features it is worth noting that unlike most other chair in this category, the Leander Chair has two settings on the safety bar.  The outer setting is for getting your baby in or out and the inner is for ensuring a snug fit. When the safety bar fits snugly across your child’s hips there is no need for a harness. The “skirts” on the safety bar are an extra measure to prevent your child from twisting their legs and hence, they cannot get out. By not using a harness your child feels more free and should he/she choke, you can immediately bend him/her forwards to help releasing the blockage.

The back rest also has two settings to ensure optimal support as the position of the seat changes.

The frame is slightly springy so when you child moves in the chair, it will gently respond. This makes sitting still more fun. The flex also makes the Leander Chair very comfortable for adults. With the larger plate (the original foot rest) as a seat, you can lean back and feel how the chair adjusts to you. Such a nice feeling compared to the static chairs we are used to.

When we give our children the right tools, they are so capable and often much sooner than we think.

Technical specifications.

Product features:Stol_mnynne_ww2

  • Includes your child at the table
  • Encourages independence and social skills
  • Ergonomic design for correct posture
  • From baby to adult – fully adjustable
  • Danish design made in Europe from beech wood
  • Holds 125kg, weighs less than 6kg
  • Safety bar & back rest are also adjustable
  • Designed with flex in the frame for movement and comfort
  • Cushions available – machine washable

HighChair_wo_safetybar_grey 1000


The Leander Chair cushions are made from 100% cotton with a polyester filling and are fully machine washable. The cushions attach via velcro to the bottom of the seat and do not slide.

Available in 4 colours – vanilla, soft pink, misty blue or dark grey – they add soft padding for your little one.


SafetyBar_whitewash cropped 567SafetyBar_w_strap_natural 567

The Leander Chair Safety Bar is needed for babies and toddlers up to 2 1/2 years old and it is purchased separately. Available to match each of the chair colours. The black leather strap is included.



Bakkebord_front 567 HighChair_natural_w_tray 567

The Leander Chair Tray is an optional extra if you can’t or prefer not to place the chair at your dining table. Made from moulded ABS plastic it is dishwasher safe and clips easily on or off the current safety bar. White only. Technical specifications