We are very pleased to bring this fantastic range of Italian wooden toys and games to Australia and know that you will be impressed by the designs, the quality and the presentation.

Since 1924 Milaniwood has created beautiful things from wood. Today, nearly 100 years later, they combine experience with modern technologies and their team of young designers continue to refresh old ideas and innovate new ones. Still 100% made in Italy.

All Milaniwood products appeal to children and adults alike. They are fun to play with for all ages and their beautiful appearance make them as much at home in the lounge room as in the child’s bedroom. Games that live on coffee or dining tables are much more likely to be played than those stowed away in the cupboards.

Launching at Life in Style in August 2017.

How quickly can you move the fried rice to your bowl
Create your own weird and wonderful creatures
How good are you at connection the scoops?
Which builder can climb the highest?
Which flower grows the fastest?
Can you hit the target?
You know what to do
Can you outsmart your opponent?
Plan and build your own city
Who can complete the sushi order the fastest?
Will good luck be on your side?
Throw the die and don't forget the tail
Create stories about kings, queens, knights and wizards
Stack or play bowls with the turtles. 2 games in one
Coloured building blocks in great shapes.
Shanghai Pick Up Sticks