Mioplay Sensory Teething Toys

When a baby puts something in the mouth, it is his/her very first way of exploring the world. Newly developed nerve endings in the gums – the first phase of teething – send important messages to the brain about the discoveries.

As the teething process progresses and the gums get sore, putting things in the mouth is also to get relief from the pain.

Mioplay teething toys are carefully designed to help your baby with the pain relief but also with cognitive development through sensory stimulation and with motor skill development by grasping and holding the toys.


The toys are made from 100% non-toxic food grade silicone rubber with a “soft touch” finish which is nice to bite into. They have a carefully designed tactile pattern on the back to further ease the pain in the gum but the pattern is also stimulating and encourages cognitive development.

In regards to colours, the 5 designs are all in pastel colours to suit a young baby’s sensitive vision. Soft colours promote contentment and calmness whereas bright colours can lead to over stimulation and mood aggravation.

The Mioplay teething toys are also designed to be easy for baby to grasp and hold to improve his/her fine motor skills.

Lastly,¬† you can put the toys in the dishwasher and in the steam steriliser to keep them clean. After all they are going into baby’s mouth. You can also freeze the toys to add extra relief to sore gums and they hold the cold very well.



Visual Stimulation

Babies have sensitive vision and soft colours are best for continued exposure as opposed to bright colours. Mioplay uses pastel colours only to avoid over stimulation of newborns and to enhance the calming nature of the toys.


The gums develop new nerve endings and by putting things in their mouth, babies explore and learn. Mioplay toys have different textures and patterns and are great stimulants for this learning. The soft rubber is also ideal to soothe sore gums while the teeth try to break through.

Motor Skills

Mioplay products facilitate the development of fine motor skills which supports the advancement of finger dexterity. This is achieved through the carefully designed shapes and hole cut-out, making it easy to grasp the toys.


100% non-toxic premium food grade silicone rubber.

BHA, PVC and Phahalates free.

Solid rubber and smooth touch design reduce bacterial growth.


Sensory stimulation promotes cognitive development and the tactile patterns on the back of each toy are specifically designed to facilitate such development.


Other Features

Dishwasher and steam steriliser safe.

Freezer safe

Australian designed & owned.

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