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BabyDan Premier Gate Y-spindle


This Y-spindle for the Premier true pressure gate comes in handy if you are securing the gate to a round banister pole, where the flat pressure pads cannot get a grip. Follow the instructions carefully and be mindful of how close the gate is to the stairs as the bottom cross bar can be a trip hazard.

INCLUDES: Pack of two Y-spindles for the BabyDan Premier pressure gate

DELIVERY: 3 – 5 days

BabyDan Premier Gate Y-spindle

These Y-Spindle attachments add flexibility to the application of the Premier pressure gate and replaces the pressure pads to accommodate a round banister or similar.

Click here to watch video on the Premier Gate Y-Spindle

The Y-spindle replaces the pressure pad so the gate can be installed on e.i. a balustrade

Soft rubber padding eliminates any marking

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