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KIPOD Grafitape Projector

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This is the ultimate fun machine.

Draw a picture on the slide, insert it into the projector and turn it on (the light source is a torch) and project the image onto the wall or door. Then trace the image with the included washi tape to create your own semi-permanent wall decal.


Ages 5

INCLUDES: A wooden projector box, a torch, a whiteboard marker, illustration cards and 5 rolls of washi tape

DELIVERY: 3-7 days

Each KIPOD toy has an educational aspect to it and the child learns a skill. Either to construct, to fold, to tie or to balance. The idea is to make the toy first, then play with it. In this age of instant gratification and availability this  makes a pleasant change and it makes the children very proud to have made it themselves.

Most of the kits can be used over and over again. The main component is wood and other elements such as paper, wool or washi tape are easily replenished from local craft stores.

Each kit is packed in a fun, sturdy box with full instructions. They make great gifts and suit children of various ages (generally 4 years+).