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Leander Classic High Chair Safety Bar

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This is the wooden safety bar for the Leander Classic High Chair. It has two depth settings to ensure a snug fit for baby as well as “skirts” to prevent your child from twisting to get out of the chair. These features mean that you do not need a harness for the chair which is a great bonus.

The safety bar comes with a leather strap. Leather straps are also available separately.

Please note that if you already have a Leander Chair and want to fit the safety bar to it, you may need an extra fitting. Please call us on 03 9588 0999.

INCLUDES: One Safety Bar for the Leander Classic High Chair with leather strap.

DELIVERY: 3 – 7 days

Leander Classic High Chair

In terms of other features it is worth noting that unlike most other chair in this category, the Leander Classic High Chair has two settings on the safety bar. The outer setting is for getting your baby in or out and the inner is for ensuring a snug fit.

When the safety bar fits snugly across your child’s hips there is no need for a harness. The “skirts” on the safety bar are an extra measure to prevent your child from twisting their legs and hence, they cannot get out.

By not using a harness your child feels more free and should he/she choke, you can immediately bend him/her forwards to help releasing the blockage.


narual wooden hihg chair by Leander with safety bar

Made from European beech plywood

Comes with leather strap

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