Moover Puzzle - Danish by Design
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Moover Puzzle

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Moover Toys place great emphasis on construction and these puzzles are a natural part of the product range.

All the pieces in each puzzle are unique and the children develop good form and shape skills by matching each piece to its correct placing in the picture. The puzzles are made by  jigsaw (not stamped) which allows the pieces to be cut exactly to the image. With no clue other than shape, the puzzles are quite challenging. The pieces can also balance upright and this activity will further develop fine motor skills.

The Moover Toys Puzzles are made from 6mm linden plywood and the corners are softly rounded. All glues and varnishes are non-toxic.

There are two designs: Rocking Horse or Baby Truck

Each measures 24 x 1cm x 24cm

DELIVERY: 3-7 days

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