Recall of undersized Troll mattresses

Recall of undersized Troll mattresses

A small number of Troll mattresses produced in late 2016 have been found to be too short and after a serious investigation, a recall notice has just gone up via ACCC. Too short means that there is more than a 4cm gap between the end of the cot and the mattress when the mattress is at one end (2cm at each end is permitted).

It is very important to note that it is ONLY the UNDERSIZED mattresses that have been recalled. Cots and correctly sized mattresses are not recalled.

The issue was taken very seriously by all parties and although it is believed to have been an isolated incident, increased quality control measures were implemented by the manufacturer immediately and documented in writing by March 2017. We have had no further incidences reported to us and all stock on hand measured was found to comply.

If you have a Troll mattress and you think there may be a bigger gap than 4cm, we encourage you to follow these instructions in order to measure the mattress correctly and know what to do if it is short.

We are terribly upset about this situation and fully understand that you might be upset, too. We hope that you will continue to trust us and Troll, and remind you  that we are talking about very few mattresses found short out of more than 6000 sold.