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BabyDan Premier Gate Extensions

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The Premier pressure stair and door gate can be extended to suit a larger opening by adding extra bars. The bars must be added as evenly to each side as possible and you can add max six bars (three each side). Each bar adds approximately 7.5 cm to the gate.

It is important to note that if more than two extensions are being added, you will need to fit wall cups for the pressure pads. This might require drilling.

The extension bars come in a single or twin pack, in either white or black to match your gate.

INCLUDES: One extra bar for the Premier pressure gate in either white or black OR two extra bars in white or black

DELIVERY: 3 – 7 business days

BabyDan Premier Gate Extension

This true pressure-fit baby gate can be extended with up to six bars placed evenly.

Please note that if more than two extensions have been added then wall cups must be added to the walls to support the pressure pads.

Click here to watch video on the Premier Gate Extensions

BAbyDan Premier gate with extensions

Each bar adds approx 7.5 cm to the gate and the Premier pressure gate suits openings from 73.5 – 119.5cm.

The extensions have to be added evenly and if adding more than two extra bars, wall cups must be fixed to the walls to support the pressure pads.


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