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“I couldn’t have asked for better customer service, I slammed my pram with the car door and bent the wheel and axle they not only had the parts on the spot they actually changed them over for me too, and gave me the newer design part to allow the pram seat to recline on the Indie free.. thank you so much for all your help today really appreciate… 5 star”

– Chantelle Woodward

“We are so grateful to Danish by Design for their exceptional service, advice, genuine care for our needs, and most importantly, their simply wonderful products.
We cannot thank your team enough for all the assistance you gave my husband and I when we were overwhelmed and trying to choose products for our twins. The time you spent to explain features, advantages and disadvantages not only made our lives easy but demonstrated a genuine concern for our needs. Your company has the most practical (not to mention stunning!!) products which were so super easy to order and have delivered (and we looked at a lot of places! None compared to yours in terms of service and quality!) We get so many compliments on every product we bought from you, and truly love every item.
For any expecting parents who would like some guidance and help on products, I highly recommend this company. Thank you thank you thank you – we will definitely purchase from you again.”

– Peta Rhodes

“Thank you so much for the outstanding customer service! We really do love our high chair and it looks beautiful at our dining table.”

-Isabelle Lees

“Thank you so much for your great customer service!

We have bought many Leander products and will continue to do so! Many thanks.”

-Dr. Lakshmi Srinivasan

“Such beautifully designed and well-made products! I still love our cot and 5 years on it still looks great. Good experience too when we needed something repaired.”

-Jenine Klarenaar

Capsule versus Car Seat

I chatted to my pregnant sister-in-law this weekend and found myself again pointing out that a capsule that fits onto your pram is not the ultimate transport solution necessarily. It seems to be so popular that no one questions its merits but like everything, it’s not perfect. Just because you can, doesn’t mean that you should. I agree that the capsule is wonderfully convenient when you have older children as well and are popping into kinder or swimming lessons. Short trips, because the time your baby spends lying curved in a capsule should be limited. This means that you don’t leave your baby in the capsule just because she fell asleep. It means that it is not a good idea to walk around the local shopping centre for a few hours with her in the capsule because she should be lying flat. A pram cannot get newborn status unless the back rest can lie completely flat so how can it be OK to use a capsule for extended periods? When you drive for long periods, you have to stop regularly and get baby out of the seat for a stretch. So you have to ask yourself if your money is more wisely spent getting a car seat 0-4 years instead? You have to get a car seat a 6 months anyway. Would a carry cot for your pram where baby can lie flat with full sun protection for as long as you like be a better investment?   It is true that without the capsule,  you will run the “risk” of waking a sleeping baby when transferring him to... read more

Recall of undersized Troll mattresses

A very small number of Troll mattresses produced in late 2016 have been found to be too short and after a serious investigation, a recall notice has just gone up via ACCC. Too short means that there is more than a 4cm gap between the end of the cot and the mattress when the mattress is at one end (2cm at each end is permitted).

It is very important to note that it is ONLY the UNDERSIZED mattresses that have been recalled and that neither the cot nor mattresses of the correct size are in question.

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Starting solids. What do I need?

It is another milestone when you are moving onto feeding your baby solids. Hopefully it will be a positive change but be prepared for a messy time and that quite a bit more organisation is required.

There are many, many brands of pre-made baby food but I think you will benefit from making your own. It is not hard albeit a little time consuming but you will know exactly what is in it. I would argue that it is also cheaper (unless you whop to make the purees but then don’t and the produce goes to waste).

When to start is individual and the theory seems to change regularly. My feeling is at least 4 months but if you can stretch it to 6, you keep your life simpler for longer.

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