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Choosing Home Safety Solutions

Keeping a baby safe is constantly on parents’ radars as their little one grows and becomes more mobile and inquisitive. There are a number of safety devices that can be added to your home that not only create a safer environment but also provide more peace of mind.

Baby safety gates are one product that allows you to block off areas of your home to keep a baby that is on the move out of dangerous areas such as stairs, fireplaces and kitchens.

Baby gates may also be useful if you need to separate bouncy pets from your baby. If this is the case, pet gates are a good solution as they tend to be higher than the average baby gate.

There are many things to consider when choosing your baby gate. Learn more about baby gates.

Play pens provide an excellent solution if you need to keep your baby or toddler (and their mess!) in one area. BabyDan offer a versatile play pen that can be configured to the size you need.

Baby monitors offer peace of mind for parents knowing that during daytime naps and night time sleeps they will be alerted when their baby needs them.

Baby monitors range in sophistication. Some start with basic features such as sound relay, others can offer two way sound whereby you can talk to you baby from another room. The most high level baby monitors have advanced features such as heart rate, body temperature and oxygen level measurement. This information can be sent to mobile phone apps or a base station that alerts parents when these levels drop outside of safe or comfort ranges. The Owlet Smart Sock is a baby monitor with all these advanced features.

Nursery cameras provide an added level of information for parents who not only wish to hear when their baby needs them, but would like to observe how they are going without having to enter the baby’s room and potentially disturb them. The cameras typically stream to a mobile phone or other device and can provide further information such as room temperature. The Owlet Cam is one example of an effective camera for the nursery that is discreet and and streams encrypted video.

Other home safety devices to consider include products such as powerpoint covers, furniture corner covers, anti-tip straps for heavy items such as furniture and televisions and draw locks.

Need help? Contact our team if you need advice to choose the best home safety options for you.

BabyDan Logo Baby Gates & Child Safety
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