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Choosing a  Change Table

Change tables, or at least a nappy changing station, is a vitally important part of a baby’s nursery since you’ll be spending a lot of time changing nappies and clothes in the first few years!

Change Table or Change Tray?

A change table is a stand-alone piece of furniture especially designed for changing your baby’s nappies and clothes. It’s a good option if the baby’s room is large enough.

A change tray atop a chest of drawer in the baby’s room is another way to create a change station, particularly if you need to maximise space. This involves adding the change tray accessory that comes with the dresser. See the Leander Luna Change Tray for an example of this.

The final alternative, is to simply add a change mat to the top of the dresser. The Leander Matty Change Mat is often used for this purpose as it has non-slip feet and raised sides.

So what should you look out for when choosing the right nappy changing solution for you?

High sides: Safety is the most important consideration when it comes to your change station. Always ensure your change table or change tray comes with high sides to prevent your baby from rolling off. (Of course, it goes without saying that you never leave your baby unattended.) High sides also prevent items such as nappies and clothes from falling off.

Height adjustable: Not all parents come in the same size so having the option to raise or lower the height of the table makes changing time more comfortable for you and you are less likely to get a sore back.

Easy clean: Nappy changes can be messy business! A smooth surface with a quality finish is easy to wipe down and disinfect.

Storage: Having everything you need close at hand, so you don’t need to move away mid-change, not only makes your life easier, but is safer for the baby and speeds up changing time. Change tables usually come with shelves and drawers which solve this problem. The Troll Lukas Change Table is a good example.

Bench space: The change tray dresser accessory may be designed to only fit a change mat, while others are wide enough to cover the entire top of the chest of drawers they go with. How much room you would like to access is personal preference, but more room in the changing area means there is less of a juggle when you have one hand on the baby and need reach for what you need.

The right fit: If you go with the option of adding a change tray to your dresser, always choose the correct, matching change tray accessory. These are specifically designed to fit safely and snugly to the drawers.

Change mat inclusion: Some change tables and trays come with a change mat and change mat cover. Check what’s included when you purchase yours. The Leander Matty Change Mat is a popular choice if you need to also purchase a change mat as it’s so versatile for a range of situations.

Need help? Contact our team if you need advice to choose the best changing solution for you.


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