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Making a home safe for babies, toddlers and young children is a high priority for many parents. The most popular products include baby gates, pet gates, play pens, baby monitors and nursery cameras.

Baby gates come in many varieties including fixed, retractable, two-way opening, auto-close, extendable, with bars or with a solid view block. They are used in standard doorways, at the bottom or top of stairs, across wide spaces or irregular/angled openings, in front of hearths, fireplaces and heaters.

Mounting options include pressure-fit which have rubber feet on either side of the gate and sometimes requires wall cups. True presssure-fit gates require no attachment to the wall or door jam using drilled holes and screws. Fixed gates require holes to be drilled and the gate ends to be screwed into the wall, stair banister or door frame.

Gates and play pens come in various heights, usually ranging from 69 cm tall up to 105 cm for pet gates. They may be made from metal or plastic.

Baby monitors and cameras are another option for parents who like to keep an eye on their children from other parts of the house or via live stream to their mobile phone. Monitors may be placed in the baby’s room or on their body. Cameras can be wall or cot mounted, or placed on a piece of furniture.

BabyDan Logo Baby Gates & Child Safety