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Choosing a Cot

Finding a cot for your baby that you love yet is also is practical, safe and meets your budget, can take time. Cots, also known as cribs, come with a variety of features and range greatly in price and quality.

So what do you need to consider?

Size: Most cots in Australia measure approximately 120 x 60 cm however there are also European-sized cots on the market by brands such as Leander and Troll, that are larger and measure 140 x 70 cm. Either size works for well for babies and it really comes down to what works best in your nursery.

Adjustable base: A cot will usually have at least two height adjustable positions for the base. For newborns, you can have the mattress at the highest position as your baby is still small. As your baby gets older and is able to roll over, stand up, and even climb, it’s important to drop the base to the lowest position.

Versatility: Do you want your cot to last beyond the baby and toddler years? Some cots come with the option to remove one side so that the cot can be turned into a toddler bed or sofa. Some may have a further option to add an extension set to convert the cot into a junior bed to accommodate children up to seven years’ old.

Mattress: Mattresses generally come in 120 x 60 cm or 140 x 70 cm sizes. Some baby beds, such as the Leander Classic Cot, are oval shaped and require their own specific mattress. When choosing a mattress for your newborn look for a mattress that is relatively firm and has good breathability.

Leander is one brand that provides a premium solution for your mattress. Leander mattresses are constructed with vertical and horizontal air-channels, contain TENCEL which minimises sweating and ensures a dry sleeping environment and have zip-off covers that are machine washable.

Finishes: Limiting exposure to toxic chemicals is of growing importance to many parents. If this is a priority for you, look for brands that use non-toxic paint and water-based varnishes.

Bedding: Sheets are a fun way to add more colour and interest to your cot, just don’t forget to check your mattress size before purchasing. Consider investing in a waterproof or resistant mattress protector as well. This is well worth the investment. And if good health and reducing exposure to toxic chemicals is important to you, sheets, bumpers and mattress protectors that are 100% GOTS certified organic cotton are a good choice and available from a brand like Leander.

Canopy: A cot canopy not only looks gorgeous, it is actually a really practical accessory for your cot. A cotton canopy that is natural cotton and breathable, can provide a nice, cocoon-like space for your baby that removes visual distractions, darkens the sleeping space and keeps out any insects that may have made their way into your house.

Need help? Contact our team if you need advice to choose the best cot for you.

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