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A good nursery chair is very important during the early months and years when you need to spend lots of time feeding or rocking your baby to sleep.

Nursing chairs, gliders, breastfeeding chairs or rocking chairs provide an invaluable place for you to rest while you breastfeed, bottle feed or settle your baby.

When choosing the right chair for you, besides comfort and looks, also consider looking for a chair that has an ergonomic design. A nursing chair that provides good support for your back, legs and arms means you are more likely to properly relax and feed comfortably and not tense in places like your shoulders.

The height of the armrests is feature to pay particular attention to. Being able to rest your elbow on the armrest as you hold and feed your baby means you can avoid pinched nerves and sore muscles that occur from having to support the weight of the baby.

Also consider a chair that rocks or glides. The gentle movement of the rocking chair or glider is not only very soothing to the baby and can help settle them, it’s very relaxing for you and your tired body.

A good footrest or footstool is well worth investing in. Parents spend a lot of time on their feet and the opportunity to put your feet up makes the world of difference. And if you have a rocking chair, a footrest that also rocks adds an even great level of luxury and comfort.

Lastly, what happens when nursing days are over? Choosing a classic design for your nursing chair means you can move the chair out of the nursery and into the living space without it looking out of the place.

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