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The Serial Number and Date of Manufacture of your Bumbleride is located on a white, rectangular sticker affixed to the frame. You will notice a series of numbers on this sticker. The serial number is the number that begins with “S”.

For 2016-2019 models, the sticker is located on the inside edge of the folding hinge. The best way to view the sticker is to fold the stroller and lean upright using the handle to prop up (may have to adjust angle for prop). Push fabric slightly away from folding hinge’s inside edge to reveal Date of Manufacture sticker.

For pre-2016 Indie, inspect the side of your frame on the black plastic near where the seat plate and rear leg meet, a white sticker can be found there.

For pre-2016 Indie Twin, inspect the underside of the center handle support bar or the brake assembly bar.

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