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Baby Gates Range

Guard Me

The Guard Me barrier is a retractable safety barrier that provides a view block and is perfect for small spaces.

The Guard Me folds to one side once opened and is virtually hidden from view. It then automatically retracts if not locked in place.

This gate is the world’s first retractable safety barrier and is a very practical and aesthetically pleasing solution.

BabyDan Guard Me Baby Gate

Premier Gate

The Premier Gate is a true pressure gate that does not require any drilling, wall cups or tools (unless you add extensions) for installation.

The pressure gate option is very popular if you want to avoid drilling into the walls or door frames (beware that other pressure gates require wall cups at all times which in turn are installed with screws).

Wall cups may only be required if the correct pressure cannot be obtained without them.


BabyDan Premier Pressure Fit Gate

Flexi Fit Gate

The Flexi Fit gate can be mounted inside or outside the door frame and even on the diagonal. It is easily adjusted to different widths and can also be temporarily removed when not needed.

This wall mounted gate is unique and ultra flexible as it can be installed either inside or outside the opening and also diagonally.

The gate opens in both directions and can be easily removed when not needed i.e for a party or between babies.

It has no cross bar at the bottom and is ideal for stairs.

Click here to watch the Flexi Fit baby gate video

BabyDan Flexi Fit Baby Gate

MultiDan Gate

The MultiDan gate can be easily adjusted for width (without buying extension pieces) and is able to be temporarily removed (for a party or in-between babies) without the use of tools.

It opens in both directions and can be mounted on either the inside or the outside of the door frame, however not on the diagonal. If you need this feature, please look at the Flexi Fit gate.

BabyDan MultiDan Baby Safety Gate

Flex Configure System

This modular baby safety system consists of various sections that can be combined and configured freely to guard a fireplace or hearth, a stair case or act as a room divider. You can even have two gates.

The mounting brackets are fully flexible and you can secure the system on straight or angled walls. A quick release system lets you remove it in a few seconds.

The Flex System is available in two set sizes: Flex L & Flex XL and in two colours, black or white. This is the extra large size.

Each component is also available individually for extension so you can create exactly what you need.

Click here to watch the BabyDan Flex XL video

Click here to watch the BabyDan Flex L video

BabyDan Flex System Baby Gate

Four-in-One Baby Bed


Simply attach to the side of your bed to quickly and easily tend to your baby.

Freestanding Baby Bassinet

As a freestanding bassinet you can easily place the Bednest wherever you would like them to sleep.

Moses Basket

Simply lift the bed off the frame and place the Bednest on the floor for use as a moses basket.

Travel Cot

The Bednest can be quickly and easily packed down and set up for when you are travelling. It fold ups neatly for travelling and storage.

Baby sleeping in Bednest bedside bassinet in bedroom with both sides up

Mum plays with her baby who lies in a Bednest bassinet

Baby lies in Bednest bedside bassinet and the side is open so mum can hold his hand

We love the Bednest – we have never had anything like it before for our other three children. I love the way it is so close to our bed, the sides are really easy to pull down and I could practically roll little Buddy from my boob to bed!!!!! Easy and definitely eliminates the fear of falling asleep with them in your bed and suffocating them, as they lay safe next to you but in their own safe little cosy bed – brilliant! Also large enough to last longer than the Moses basket, Buddy now sleeps in the Bednest in his nursery as I think he is a little small for his cot so it’s perfect.”

Jools Oliver – baby clothing designer and wife of Jamie Oliver.

Bumbleride Range

Bumbleride Era Four Wheel Pram


The city dweller, county lover. Era effortlessly combines city pram with off road capability. Featuring an infant-safe, reversible seat to bond with your precious cargo until they’re ready to adventure facing forward.

Bumbleride Indie three Wheel All Terrain Pram


The adventurer. Indie is an all-terrain pram that’s perfect for the active family. Whether you are navigating city streets or heading out for off-road adventures, the Indie makes getting our with your family more enjoyable.

Bumbleride Indie Twin double pram

Indie Twin

Double the adventure. The Indie Twin offers many options for multiples right from day one. Whether you have twins or an infant and a toddler, this versatile side-by-side pram gives you a comfortable fit and ride for each little one, and quick access to both.

Bumbleride Speed Running Pram


The athlete. The Speed is a well-considered, purpose-built running stroller specifically engineered for you to walk, jog or run at your own pace. Easily navigates both city streets and off road with an ultra-smooth thanks to the all-wheel suspension, air-filled tyres.


Customers around the world rave about the prams and Australian consumers are no different:

“I have three kids the youngest is seven months old we are very busy. We spend lots of time on sports fields, at the beach and do lots of walking. The Bumbleride Indie is so well suited to our busy lifestyle. Easy to manoeuvre in the soft sand and great in the park and on a very rough track. Goes up and down footpaths easily. The ride is so soft with the air filled tyres and suspension. I have topped up with air a few times. The pump supplied is excellent…”

Discover More

Find out more about the Bumbleride story, eco-friendly materials, sustainable design, product demonstrations, and the full range of accessories and parts such as spare wheels, inner tubes, fabric sets, pram liners, organic cotton range, bassinets, axle assemblies, brake bars and cargo baskets at www.bumbleride.com.au

Bumbleride Indie Off Road

Great craft ideas for kids

The models ranges from easy to advanced in a range of designs, characters and decoration sets for hours of stimulating crafty fun.

kids craft group session at table with cardboard model and textas

Childhome Corn Husk Basket

Moses Baskets

The Childhome Moses baskets and Stands provide a cosy and safe space for your precious one. Choose from the Corn Husk Moses Basket or the Grey Moses Basket.

Childhome Evolu 2 High Chair with Newborn Seat

Evolu 2 High Chair

An outstanding, modern and practical design that is height adjustable and comes with a range of accessories and colour combinations.

Childhome Tipi Junior Bed with Mattress

Tipi Junior Bed

The Tipi Junior Bed and provides a perfect and fun transition bed for toddlers moving from cot to bed.

Childhome Rocking Scooter Pink

Rocking Scooters

The Rocking Scooter is the perfect way for a young child to learn how to balance and get co-ordination. Classic design that will last for many years.

Childhome Tipi Junior Bed and Tent

Eating, Playing, Living

The extensive Done by Deer range includes everything from swaddles to spoons, from bowls to baby beds, comforters to rattles, play gyms to lots of cute toys. All designs have great functionality and well as good looks.

Throughout the collection, Danish designer Helene Hjorth has worked with pastel tones in blue, powder and grey with a splash of burgundy and black. Tied together by charcoal grey and white the various colours are supported by lovely details.

Several products have won the Red Dot Design Award, a prestigious European award and confirms the brand’s commitment to innovation and design.

Done by Deer Silicone Dinner Set Croco Colour Mix

Done by Deer Hide and Seek Mountain Lalee

Done by Deer Nursing and Baby Pillow - Elphee - Sand

Eco Rascals Range of Kids Bamboo Plates & Cups

Eco Rascals have created practical and fun dinnerware made from bamboo grass that matures in just five years, much sooner than any other wood product. It is grown and harvested organically without the use of pesticides and besides being organic, the products are eco-friendly and healthy for little ones.

All pieces are solid bamboo (not bamboo fibre) which means they are not created with any chemical binders. They are resistant to heat, staining, odours and water, and most importantly, non-toxic.

Eco Rascals Cups and Straw Collection Web

Cups & Straws

The Eco Rascals cups come in two sizes: Large with straw and Small with sippy lid. The silicon lids can easily be removed and cleaned. Straws are also available in packs of five.

Eco Rascals Plates and Bowl Collection

Plates, Bowls & Spoons

Bowls with matching spoon, and compartment plates make eating food fun. All come with removable silicon, suction bases.

Eco Rascals Bamboo Plate Set - Blue Elephant

Dinnerware Sets

Get a complete set in one colour. The Eco Rascals sets come with bowl, spoon, plate and large cup and straw. They also make the perfect gift for kids.

Eco Rascals Toddler Plate

Funny Wheels Range

The Funny Wheels bikes comes in five fun colours. They are lightweight, easy to steer, and have grippy tyres that hug corners. Start as a three-wheel balance trike and convert to a two-wheel balance bike once the child’s co-ordination and balance improves. Also height adjustable.

Funny Wheels Rider Green and Red

Funny Wheels Ride On Balance Bike for Kids

Funny Wheels Balance Bike for Kids

Classic Range

The Classic range is Leander’s first line of nursery furniture and it still looks as good as it did the day it was launched.

The timeless design of this range features rounded corners and the nursery suite includes the Classic Cot, Dresser and Change Tray. Add the Cot Canopy to create a beautiful space.

Classic pieces also include the Leander High Chair and Leander Cradle.

Leander Classic Dresser and Classic Cot White

Leander Classic High Chair in Natural with Tan Leather Strap at Home

Leander Classic Cradle with Tripod and Canopy

Linea Range

The Linea range is a modern, clean and contemporary look that still still retains the high design that Denmark is known for. Made with beechwood and to the same exact standards that Leander is known for.

The pieces in the Linea range include Linea Cot, Dresser with or without Change Tray, Change Table with change mat and accessories.

Founder and Head Designer

Stig Leander Nielson Founder and Head Designer of Leander Furniture

Founder and designer, Stig Leander Nielsen, has an amazing flair for transforming his observations of day-to-day life with children into beautiful products. He endeavours to see the world through the eyes of the child and his creations reflect their needs as they grow and develop.

The Leander Classic Cot has received several awards in Europe but designer Stig Leander does not rest on his laurels – he continues to fine-tune the design and improve the cot where possible.

Over the years we have seen improved painting methods for greater durability and scratch resistance, additional accessories such as the junior guard and the bumpers, and now a new and improved mattress concept with emphasis on breathability.

“Beauty enhances the quality of living.” Stig Leander

Leander Classic Cot Junior Bed Conversion White

All Milaniwood products appeal to children and adults alike. They are fun to play with for all ages and their beautiful appearance make them as much at home in the lounge room as in the child’s bedroom. Games that live on coffee tables are much more likely to be played than those stowed away in the cupboards.

The Mininor range includes baby dummies in food grade silicone or latex, baby bottles in glass or polypropylene (PP), silicone bottle teats, electric rechargeable or manual breast pumps, breast pads, bath and room thermometers, baby baths, 100% cotton dry baby wipes and straw sippy bottles.

All products are designed to be durable, safe and are tested in accordance with relevant European standards.


Like, follow, share Mininor Australia.


Sensory Teething Toys

When a baby puts something in the mouth, it is his or her very first way of exploring the world. Newly developed nerve endings in the gums – the first phase of teething – send important messages to the brain about the discoveries.

As the teething process progresses and the gums get sore, putting things in the mouth is also to get relief from the pain.

Mioplay teething toys are carefully designed to help your baby with the pain relief but also with cognitive development through sensory stimulation and with motor skill development by grasping and holding the toys.

Mioplay Sensory Teething Toy with Pram Strap


Mioplay Sensory Teething Toy Washing

Mioplay Packaging

The Forest Stewardship Council

FSC, or the Forest Stewardship Council, sets the gold standard for sustainable and environmentally responsible practices in the production of wooden toys. FSC toys adhere to stringent criteria that ensure they are made from timber sourced from well-managed forests, promoting biodiversity and maintaining ecological balance.

FSC-certified factories adhere to high standards of  environmental, social, and economic criteria, ensuring that the entire manufacturing process aligns with ethical and sustainable principles.

Moover Toys are made to these high standards, so in addition to the high-quality craftmanship and safety of our toys, their environmental benefits provide both children and parents with peace of mind, knowing that the joy of play comes with a positive impact on the planet.

Smart Sock

The Smart Sock 3, released in October 2020, is now the third generation Smart Sock and is smarter than ever. It can be paired with the Owlet Cam or used as a standalone product.

The small pulse oximeter is inserted into a special sock that goes on the baby’s foot. The reader sends a signal to the base station via Bluetooth and you will be notified if you need to attend to your child. You can also download the app and get all notifications on your phone provided you have Wifi available.

The Smart Sock is suitable from newborn to 18 months (or 13kg). After that the set parameters for the readings no longer suit the child’s age.

Owlet Cam 2 White


A live video feed using a high definition video camera is a great addition to your baby monitor set up. The Owlet Cam integrates fully with the Smart Sock monitor and the app lets you see both the video feed, movement and temperature, and sock readings at the same time.

Owlet Technology

Until the Owlet technology launched, the main choice of monitor was either video and/or breathing pads.

These alternatives provide some level of security, however a visual image of a sleeping baby doesn’t necessarily tell you about your baby’s health. Further, the video feed needs visual assessment by the parent to determine if things are OK. This means that at night, you need to wake up completely to really look at the picture.

As for the breathing pads, it is quite normal for babies to hold their breath, so such a sensor may activate its alarm and frighten you, when in fact all is well.

The Owlet Smart Sock provides a high level of assurance thanks to the pulse oximeter technology applied.

Owlet Smart Sock 3

Owlet Monitor Duo 2

30-day money back satisfaction guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you have 30 days from the date of product registration on the Owlet app to request a refund. Please contact customercare-aus@owletcare.com with any questions. Do note, the cost of returning the product will be at your expense. If you purchased the product from a retailer, we would ask that you return to the retailer whenever possible.

To qualify for a 30-day refund, all of the following conditions must be met:

  • Returned product(s) must be in good physical condition (not physically broken or damaged) as per the sole discretion of Owlet. Please ensure you include all components.  Incomplete returns (missing base station or missing sensor) will be refunded at the retail value of parts received.
  • When returning the product to Owlet, we should receive the product within two weeks of contacting us.
  • You will be issued an email when your return has been received and processed by us.
  • Depending on your financial institution, the processing of your refund can take up to 7 business days to post to your account. The refund will be issued in the original form of payment in which the order was placed.
  • Shipping and handling charges are not refundable.
  • You are responsible for and must prepay all shipping charges, and you shall assume all risk of loss or damage to the Product(s) while in transit to Owlet.
  • Gift cards are non-refundable.

Rocking Nursing Chair & Footstool

The ergonomically designed Rocking Nursing Chair and Footstool are the perfect answer to settling your baby and late night feeds. The armrests are just at the right height to support you as you hold your baby and the padded headrest provides a soft place to rest. Add the matching footstool for extra comfort and relaxation.

Rocking Baby Bouncer

The beautiful Rocking Baby Bouncer provides a safe and cosy place for your baby to nap and rest during the day. Features birch runners and a soft cushion in four stunning colours.

Quax Rocking Baby Bouncer in Sand Grey Web

Lukas Range

The Troll Lukas range includes the Lukas Cot  and Change Table. It offers a contemporary open design in a two-tone or all-white colour scheme.

The cot and the change table sit lightly in the room and feature gently curved corners. Each is available in all-white, soft grey with whitewash bars, or white with whitewash, and are made from European birch wood.

Troll Lukas Cot as Sofabed

Sun Range

The Sun Range includes a cot, dresser and bassinet, all with the soft rounded corners and classic looks. Construction is wonderfully simple yet sturdy.

The versatile Sun Cot can last for years and with the junior bed conversion kit, can be converted to a junior bed for children up to five years’ old.

Troll Sun Cot

Scandy Range

The Scandy Cot is simple and contemporary.  The matching Scandy dresser provides plenty of storage for the early years and will be suitable for well into the future as your child grows into a teenager and young adult.

Scandy Cot and Dresser by Troll

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