Leander Dresser

Leander Dresser

This latest product from Leander has just hit our shores and will make its way to the stores throughout July and August.

True to the Leander the dresser is designed with great attention to detail and its generous size ensures that it can remain a part of your child’s room as he/she grows up. While you have a baby simply place the Leander Matty change mat on top and you have created your change station. Elegantly and simply.

The dresser has the trademark rounded edges that makes it a pleasure to look at and the self closing drawers make it a pleasure to use. Add to that the amazing paint finish. Like a 2-pac finish on your kitchen cupboards it is strong, durable and ever so smooth that it almost feels like plastic. It isn’t!

You will love the quirkiness of the felt handles which also add a timelessness to the dresser. They are fun for little hands but also pretty cool for the laid back teenager. The dresser is here to stay. Click here for more information on the Leander Dresser.

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