Your children’s belongings tend to end up all over the whole house no matter how hard you try to make a separation. This doesn’t matter so much if we love the things our children have and there is a coordinated look instead of fighting the invasion.

Done by Deer‘s extensive range for children does exactly that. Their funky graphics and Scandinavian colour schemes are applied to products with lots of different purposes, from eating to playing to living, so the design on your child’s plate matches the storage boxes in his/her room or the favourite soft toy.

It is a clever concept and now it will be OK when your darlings turn your living room into the play room.

The Done by Deer products represent a universe of inspiration for design conscious families and the extensive range offers loads of ideas on how to combine a life with kids with the love of beautiful design.

Throughout the collection, Danish designer Helene Hjorth has worked with pastel tones in blue and powder with a splash of burgundy and black. Tied together by charcoal grey and white the various colours are supported by lovely details. The design, fabrics and colours are carefully selected and combined to stimulate and develop baby’s senses – and together they sum up the essence of the Done by Deer identity.

Broadly speaking there are 3 product groups: Eating, Playing & Living.

EATING has tableware  from plates, cups and cutlery to bibs and lunch boxes.

PLAYING has all the soft toys, from rattles to feeding cushions.

LIVING covers everything else from storage boxes to wall shelving to backpacks.

To order any of the Done by Deer product please contact one of our stockists.

Meet the characters.

At the core of Done by Deer is the 7 Zoopreme friends who wanders in and out of the designs. You will find them on the plates and cups, as soft toys and rattles and on storage boxes, bibs and back packs etc.